Is DropFunnels worth it?

So, you might’ve missed the boat regarding DropFunnels’ introductory offer, and you’re wondering if you made a grave mistake.

Let me break down what you get when you sign up for a free 14 day trial with DropFunnels:

The ultimate marketing solution.




☑️SEO ranking (and free training)

☑️Unlimited Funnels-make as many as you need

☑️Lead/Sales tracking built in

☑️Legal/disclosure pages included-no extra cost

☑️Membership sites-charge fees for access to content

☑️Fast launch funnels (mine loads in 1.0 seconds)

☑️Drag-and-drop editing

☑️Tracking/redirect links

☑️Shareable modules

☑️Checkout forms/upsells/downsells

☑️Order confirmations emailed to your customers

The platform is WordPress based (most of the internet is, including Facebook) and has great functionality without the need for extra plugins, which is the cause for most page slowdowns.

But I don’t blog…

Neither did I before I launched with DropFunnels. Once inside the Facebook group and getting more information about SEO I thought “I can see the value in doing this.

Setting up and posting to a blog allows you to really get all of the bots to track all of your keywords and links, which will get your website and even sales funnels to show up and rank when someone searches.

Let’s face it, having to bounce between multiple platforms to get things done is honestly a pain in the ass, and it’s no longer a reality with DropFunnels.

Everything on that checklist above is all included in one platform, one login.

Switching functions in the back-office is as simple as clicking a button, it’ll take you into the different areas very quickly.

I used ClickFunnels before, and their interface is slow and clunky. Getting anything done takes a while, and DropFunnels is the complete opposite.

Lightning. Fast. Speed.

Not only do your pages load lightning fast, so does the editor!

Yes, the $97 per month introductory price is gone for good, but you can still join over 400 users at a great price.

The current price tag is sitting just a bit higher at $147 per month.

Grab a 14 day trial here, and put it through the paces, you won’t be disappointed.

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