Meditations Are Finally Here

We promised them a while back, and we’re ready to deliver! Our meditations are finally here!

We know, a lot of people are feeling pretty stressed out right now about the state of the world with COVID 19 making its rounds.

Everything feels just a little bit off.

The world itself can even seem a bit hostile.

Don’t take it personally. It isn’t you, it’s just all the emotions of the world around you.

Everything has a time, and this is the time for stillness.

We may not want to be still, but we must be.

Just for a little while.

Once the world has a chance to heal a bit, we will return to being social, in the presence of friends and family.

To help gain some serenity and perspective, we are happy to provide a complimentary guided meditation. Janet led this meditation over a live video conference, so there may be a few extra noises that weren’t quite filtered out.

In this meditation Janet walks you through some fantastic exercises that you can use in your daily life to help feel a bit safer and more secure, especially during this period of time that we find ourselves in.

Follow this link for instant access to the meditation.

If that meditation leaves you wanting more, we have another meditation ready to go for you.

The next meditation is the Ocean Of Peace, where Janet takes you through a healing journey, using the tranquility of the ocean to bring you peace. This meditation can be experienced for just $3 by following this link.

These are just the first meditations that we’re bringing forward, and we have many more on the way.

We’d be delighted to have you take a few moments and relax with us.

Just remember never to attempt one of these meditations while driving or operating heavy equipment. And you can always bring yourself out of the meditation at any time, you are the master of your own journey

Take care of yourself, and be blessed,

Johnny and Janet

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