Meditations Coming Soon

It is our great honor to announce that soon you will be able to enjoy one of our guided meditations from the comfort of your own home.

For those of you not in the Sacramento area, we have offered guided meditations at our home, which required you to come to us.

We will be recording and making available Janet’s best meditations, guided imagery and even some hypnosis sessions.

Some examples of the meditations she has offered include: meeting your guides, and relaxation techniques, meeting your higher self, just to name a few.

Janet also leads Past-Life Regressions, where you are able to visit a previous incarnation and find a root cause to some of the issues that you may be facing in this life.

Life lessons do have a way of finding their way to you.

Often times, recurring issues may be a reflection of something that happened in the past.

A Past-Life Regression allows you to objectively ‘see’ what took place, and why it is affecting your now.

Janet’s gentle style will help guide you through the past, so you can make peace with it and grow spiritually.

Our goal is to enhance your life and well-being, and making the best tools available to everyone that needs them is just perfect alignment with the universe’s greatest good.

We have been working on perfecting the setup, so that when she is leading a meditation or hypnosis session locally, we can have it broadcast for anyone across the world to join in.

Keep an eye out for more details, and connect with Janet on Facebook.

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