Membership sites have launched!

Another amazing Sunday here on the interwebz, with great news for my fellow marketers!

DropFunnels has beta released Membership Sites.


As you may know, beta launches allow for users to test everything out and work out all of the bugs before calling it a release.

If you use Membership sites, you know exactly how exciting this is!

If you’re new to using Membership sites, I’ll tell you how I use them:

  • I curate other people’s content into a site, teaching people how to do various things.
  • It isn’t my content, so I don’t have to create a ton in order to have a great site.
  • I give free memberships to my site, which allows me to market to my members. *Your list is your money*
  • I find content related to a topic, and if there are services or goods that I can sell as an affiliate, I add in my links so I can get credit.

Putting together a Membership site is easy with DropFunnels. If you have the content bookmarked, you can flesh out an entire site in less than 30 minutes. Even shorter if your copy is pre-written. It all depends on how quickly you work.

Customize your template first, then every lesson that you add will include all the changes made there.

You can also customize a header and/or footer that will globally change throughout the entire membership area any time you modify it.

That’s right, modify it once and it affects all pages!

Again, there is no requirement to have them, but they are available.

Ok, off to build some more funnels and Membership pages with DropFunnels!

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