More About DropFunnels

So I’ve been hanging out with my laptop, learning all the ins and outs of DropFunnels for the last couple weeks.

I know that I still have a lot left to learn, but I love how easy it is to have everything all inter-connected.

  • I’m not logging into WordPress for my blog, it’s on the same platform.
  • Build out a new sales funnel, same.
  • Knock out a membership site, same.
  • Everything, well, almost everything, is all right here.
  • I can see my lead list and sales list without jumping on another platform.

For email, I’m using my auto-responder, Get Response, to send out newsletters or my email campaigns.

For anyone that thinks they aren’t techie enough to build websites or sales funnels, the world has changed.

You no longer need to hire a webmaster to handle these things. Someone literally got set up and published in less than 20 minutes!

Today someone asked if they should use a blog or a funnel to point to an offer they are promoting with ClickBank.

As soon as I saw the question, knowing this platform like I do, I asked why they would limit themselves?

This platform is designed to build a funnel pointing at the offer, and using a blog to drive traffic to the funnel!

The possibilities are limitless.

If you’re looking for a solution that will help you drive results, DropFunnels is it.

Check it out with a free 14 day trial here.

You might not look back. I know I’m not.

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