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Meet Janet

Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach, Past-Life Regression Therapist and Artist

I provide perspective and clarity when you are working towards spiritual growth. I use a unique combination of mentor-ship and hypnosis, which improves your ability to overcome your internal obstacles to success.

Reiki is energy healing, and it isn't always a physical healing. Reiki will always work for the highest good.

Hypnosis can help get you out of your own way. Many of the challenges you may be facing can be answered through hypnosis.

A past life regression can reveal that some patterns or blocks you are experiencing are rooted in previous incarnations.

As half of J & J Cosmic Creations, I really enjoy when I get to spend time in the workshop, helping to birth all of our creations. It truly is a magical experience.

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What Others Are Saying About Janet...

“Janet Michalk is absolutely amazing!”

Janet Michalk is absolutely amazing! I can’t say enough about her. She’s the best. I have had all her services and can tell you they work and you will be amazed with all the answers you get. She is wonderful to work with also. I am very thankful to call her now not only one of my best friends. But, family.
When, I lost my son I was lost. Then, I found her. Best gift in finding her. But, she gave me the greatest gift of talking to son again. Trust me when I say she is truly magical. Thank you always. Xox

- Carla, Customer

“Janet has been an absolute blessing!”

"Janet has been an absolute blessing! I just started really focusing on my spiritual path and was struggling to find resources and was completely overwhelmed with where to start. That's when I was lucky enough to come across Janet. As soon as we started talking and I informed her I wanted to learn she immediately formulated a plan for me. In the relatively short amount of time that she has started mentoring me, I have already learned so many helpful practices and lessons. The mindful meditation and grounding lessons have been particularly helpful in lessening my anxiety and stress while the past life regression session really illuminated some possible blocks and issues I may have carried with me during this lifetime. As she genuinely wants to help others, she has been so understanding when it comes to financial capabilities and has worked with me on pricing for sessions and classes so that it fits within my budget. For anyone on the fence about attending one of her classes or scheduling a session with her, I would absolutely say she is worth every penny."

- Ciara, Customer

“I have found great value and insight...”

I have found great value and insight in working with Janet Michalk. I have had the pleasure of working with her, both in groups and in private sessions and have always felt loved, respected for who I am and empowered to move forward in my spiritual life.

Janet's style of work is dynamic, because she listens to guides and is led in how to work with each person in each setting as the situation calls for. At times she can be comforting or pushy, but I've always felt safe and empowered because she comes from a place of respect and helping me in my personal growth.
I have referred both close friends and family to work with Janet, inspired by my experience of growth in each session and wanting to share it with those dear to me."

- Roxie, Customer

Meet Johnny

Digital Marketer, Reiki Master and Artist

I've been studying Digital Marketing, or Freelance Marketing, or Affiliate Marketing for over a year and a half now. I started out as a novice: I could post an item for sale on Craigslist and I thought I knew my way around Facebook.

I've used 3 different page-builders in the last year and a half and learned all about getting the various tools connected so they work together properly.

I have personally mentored 12 people through the process of successfully setting up a sales funnel, from purchase of tools all the way to launch.

With Reiki, I'm usually stepping in to co-teach classes with Janet, or helping to facilitate healing circles.

As the other half of J & J Cosmic Creations, I don't get to spend as much time in the workshop as Janet, but I work to keep everything published so that the product can find it's way to its new home.

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What Others Are Saying About Johnny...

“You have been a wonderful and thorough coach...”

"You have been a wonderful and thorough coach through this process.  I’m not sure how you signed up for it, they have a gem in having you. I’m sure I speak for all of us in that you were very considerate and patient when we had issues that came up.

Thanks again!"

- Cara, Student

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