Tandem Group Reading

Join Janet and Johnny for a unique reading!

Janet delivers her readings by tapping in to those on the other-side, connecting with guides and angels, and channeling the information that needs to come through.

Johnny brings his own style of rune reading to the table, connecting with guides to provide clarity. Runes are ancient symbols, each with different divinatory meanings. Johnny’s runes were personally burned into pieces of redwood.

Together, they have found that the messages coming through while working together are even stronger and clearer than when doing readings separately.

Join in on an exclusive Zoom call where this dynamic duo will reach across the veil to give insight into your life, past, present and future, or even deliver messages from the departed.

The combination of these two reading styles has brought many people clarity, healing, and confirmation of next steps to take.


Follow this link to register for the reading August 1st, 2020 2 P.M. Pacific

$25 per person

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